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Just a rough draft at the moment...

I'm just saving this for my own benefit.  If you have anything of value to ass, please do in a comment.  Keep in mind that while this is addressed to Mr. Obama, I will also be sending this to Mr. McCain.  Any input is welcomed.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I'm writing a bit out of desperation and a bit out of hope. I've seen your commercials and I've read your plans for the future should you be elected president of these United States. I'd also like to tell you that I've contacted your opponent with the same questions.

I'm sure you receive numerous e-mails and letters from people who are frightened about the economic crisis we now face. While this e-mail has been brought about due to the current circumstance, it is my sincere hope that you will find and read this not only as another e-mail from someone who is experiencing problems, but from someone who has put her family and well being on the line in an effort to help others. Granted, I have not served in an of our armed forces (though I do have plenty of family members and friends who have), nor have I been able to contribute much to any campaign or anything of the like. I am, however, a women who has dedicated her life to attempted to help others in emergent situations. By that, I mean that for the last four years, I have dedicated my life and made it my career to help others in emergencies. I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Not as glamorous as being an EMT or Paramedic, but I do contribute to making sure that people get the help they need in as timely a fashion as I can provide.

Was this something I dreamed about doing since I was a child? No. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a Broadway star. Bringing music, comedy, drama, an escape... Anything the American public wished to take from a performance, that is what I wanted to give. I still do. I'm relatively sure that i always will. However, given my past and current circumstance, I have found myself in the world of emergency medicine. It's an awesome profession, I assure you, however I have long since discovered that it is also a destitute profession. I'm not sure if you've been able to familiarize yourself with EMS, but I am pretty confident when I assume that you and your counterparts are not familiar with the current pay scale. Emergency services provide life saving efforts on a daily basis to every day citizens. I'm sure that you are familiar with such services, if not personally, that either through a friend or family member. And if somehow emergency services have failed to touch you through friends or family (which I pray is a continued experience, or, in the very least,a positive experience if you HAVE dealt with EMS) I hope that you have heard of positive (and negative)experiences. What I'm trying to get at is that I KNOW at some point, you've heard of or experienced an emergent response.

Now that I have established my profession and that of many of my friends and family, my ultimate goal is helping you to see just how hard being an emergency worker is. Yes, regardless of how much we are paid, we will help you and anyone who is in need of help. If that were in question, I would not be writing this. My main issue has to due with the rate of pay that is extended through out these United States for such a pertinent and valuable service.

(ok, just so anyone who reads this knows, I stopped where I did cuzz I've been drinking and don't trust myself to write with any grace from this point foreword.  Yes, there are typos, which I am hoping people will see and correct for me.  My point isclear, I hope.  Yes, I am in need of money to help my family, but if I can't earn it myself, I know I will ocercome.  This is my attempt to help BOTH candidates see that SOMETHING needs to change for EMS. Paramedics do as much as any doctor, but are not licensed as such.  What they do in the field {car accidents, etc} is unparrelled, yet most recieve just over minimum wage.  See what I mean?  Again, comments and critisim are welcome.)
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