brite69 (brite69) wrote,

So, my kidling since Saturday. He's been gettinf fevers off and on and has been complaining of headaches so severe that he's not able to walk. Took him to the doctor Monday and the doctor said to keep an eye on him and blahblahprollyjustavirusblah. WELL! It just might not be a virus!

Check THIS shit out!

Yeah... So the kidling? He has a bottle of that. He's been showing me for the past couple of weeks that he has brushed all the blue off his teeth, meaning he did a good job. And, I did read how it said that in healthy children, there's most likely not going to be anything wrong with them, but it kids with weakend or surpressed immune systems, there could be "significant health risk". The boy? Yeah... He falls into the weakend and/or surpressed immune system. Fucking sweet, right?

So, I called his gramma cuzz I heard about the recall this morning and I figured I'd check on him and he's not doing any better. At all. In fact, she thinks his fevers are getting higher and more frequent. If he's not doing any better by tomorrow, he'll be going back to the doctor. I'll have to have his gramma take him cuzz I'm on 90 days probation here at the ole jobby-job, but she'll be armed with all the info I have, which isn't much at all.

Here's to hoping that the boy isn't horribly ill cuzz he wanted to get plaque off his teeth. :-/
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